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Ways To Participate & Generate

Bronze Level: Champions of Change Community Giving 

1. Select a food bank in YOUR community (including abroad) that you would want food sent to for distribution on your behalf.

2. Raise funds through the 1 for 1 Campaign and submit to Esther Community Resources monthly. Donations will be matched pound for pound and turned into food donation for distribution. Commit to individually raise £300 or form a team (4 individuals) to raise £1100. Participants will be honored at our October Festival and will be treated to a day of fun activities.

Fill out the Participant and Donor Form to provide us additional information.
Silver Level: Individual Designate £2 per month

The concept of 1 for 1 is as simple as everyone can do something. Every £24 we raise will help us feed a child in need.
Gold Level: 1 Life for 1 Life “Milk, Cookies & Crunch Sponsor”
Sponsoring 1 child for 1 month

Our “Milk, Cookies & Crunch Sponsors” are for those that are able to and want to do more. Individually sponsor or form a team to feed a child 2 meals a day each month with £100 .


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